Although there are enough qualified drivers to help keep countless car manufacturers in business, most of us seldom comprehend the true importance of cabin and engine air filters. Generally speaking, anything labeled a filter has an underlying goal of stopping harmful debris from entering air or fluid flows.

Courtesy of cabin filters, we can enjoy driving our vehicles without random attacks of dust, pollen, or dirt inside of our car. Similarly, an engine filter will spare your engine of countless bugs or pollutants that may find their way under the hood.

What are your obligations as the driver? You must properly maintain air filters to avoid potential engine damages or cabin air problems. In case of an engine filter, you should get a replacement around 30,000 miles. An air filter replacement, on the other hand, should be closer to 20,000 miles. Have more questions? Make sure to service your vehicle with us at Fitzgerald Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Fitzgerald, GA. Schedule your appointment today!

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