Hitting the road should never be a gamble. When you're driving you need to feel confident you have all of the right equipment on your truck to keep you safe. You want a truck that grabs the road and can handle the twists and turns of the Tifton roads. That's when you need a truck that is 4x4 capable. You'll find that in the Ram 1500 from Fitzgerald Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. When you're behind the wheel of a Ram truck, you understand you'll get the advantage of a four-wheel drivetrain. Fitzgerald and Tifton have varied terrain which requires the assist of four-wheel drive.

So, what does driving a 4x4 truck mean for you? A four-wheel drivetrain ensures all four wheels get an equal amount of torque. Each wheel turns the exact speed. With a typical 4x2, front-wheel or rear-wheel drive line, the torque gets distributed to only two wheels. You are typically safer in a 4x4 truck. You are sitting higher up in a 4x4 truck and have a better view of the road and your surroundings. It comes in handy when traversing rocky terrain or driving in snow and wet roads, should the occasion arise.

But not everyone plans on going off-road or tackling a tricky environment. This option also makes towing easier by providing better traction and stability. Particularly if you are towing a boat, you will need that traction when lowering your boat or jet skis into the water from the ramp.

Another advantage for a 4x4 is something you may not consider. When it is time to sell or trade-in your truck, you increase the value, simply by having 4x4 attached to it. It is such a valuable and versatile option to have on a truck, that it instantly becomes more desirable to other drivers who share a sense of adventure and excitement. Whether they plan to tow anything or take it to terrain where anything can happen, 4x4 can come in handy in a number of situations.

Don't get left out in the cold and unprepared. Selecting truck or SUV with 4x4 options from Fitzgerald Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram shows you are ready for anything.

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